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вторник, 24 декабря 2013 г.

Игра на уроке английского языка Find the owner

Fun and games- level: all
Making guessing and suppositions; expressing (im)possibility and necessity

Materials: large bag or box
1. Tell the students to each choose an object which they have with them, but not to let anyone else see it. Go around the room collecting the objects in a suitable container, not forgetting to put in something of your own. If you have a very small class, say six students or fewer, you may wish to ask for two objects from each participant.
2. Either empty the contents of the container onto the table or take the objects out one by one. Make it clear that the students should not say which objects are theirs at this stage.
3. Work through the objects individually, asking the class to name or describe each one, and build up a list on the board.
4. Tell the class that their next task is to establish which objects belong to which people. Take them one by one. “This is _______’s” or “I think this is ____’s.” The students should give reasons wherever possible.
The activity finishes when all the objects have been claimed.

Recipes for tired teachers by Christopher Sion