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среда, 23 октября 2013 г.

Rhymes which make pupils get your attention

Rhymes which make pupils get your attention

Коллеги, а как вы справляетесь с болтунами? 

Jazz chant:
Come on girls,
tell all the boys!
Tell all the boys
To stop that noise!

Please be quiet,
Stop that noise!

Come on boys,
Tell all the girls!
Tell all the girls
To stop that noise!

Please be quiet,
Stop that noise!

Sh! Sh! Stop that noise!
Sh! Sh! Stop that noise!

The teacher can sing "1,2,3 - eyes on me" and the students respond "4,5,6 - our eyes are fixed". In this case the teacher teaches this at the very beginning that when he sing the first half the students must continue.

or "Hocus pocus," and they will reply, "Everybody focus!"

Teach the children that the five fingers on their right hand stand for the five things they must do when you hold up your hand. Say, "Give me five," and wait until all the children hold up their hand. Then lead them in saying the five things together.

(1) Eyes -- look
(2) Ears -- listen
(3) Mouth -- closed
(4) Hands -- still
(5) Feet -- quiet
Later when you say, "Give me five," the children are to think of these five things and hold up their hand to show they are ready to listen.

Teach young children the following chant:

Teacher says; "1, 2." Children say: "Eyes on you."
Teacher: "3, 4." Children: "Crisscross on the floor."
Teacher: "5, 6." Children: "No more tricks."
Teacher: "7, 8." Children: "Sit up straight."
Teacher, "9, 10." Children, "Let's begin!"