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четверг, 11 августа 2011 г.

NASA at 50: 1963: Lifting Body Design Concept Tested


Profiles the development of the lifting body design, a wingless aircraft that later served as the basis for the space shuttle. The program details how the lifting body evolved from the ballistic design of the first space capsules after NASA engineers wanted to build a reusable spacecraft. Although the design did not have wings, the shape of the body created sufficient lift to fly. Today, research from the lifting body program is being used to design new vehicles, like the X-38.

 If an aircraft built with the lifting body design has no wings, how would it fly?
Why did NASA not support Dale Reed in constructing model aircraft that featured the lifting body design?

What were some of the materials used to build the model aircraft with the lifting body design?
What did NASA engineer Dale Reed say was the most exciting moment for him?

Target Vocabulary
Mach - a number representing the ratio of the speed of a body (as an aircraft) to the speed of
sound in a surrounding medium (as air)
mahogany - the wood of any of various chiefly tropical trees

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