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вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.

Учимся учить с помощью интернет технологий

Teach Yourself to Teach with Tech: The first 10 
Please find here the first ten tasks in a series of Teach Yourself to Teach with Tech tasks that I'm writing.
The tasks are designed as small scale projects. You follow the  instructions with each one and it should help you to create some form of  teaching materials as well as help you to develop your technical  skills.

I hope you find these useful and I hope to have more soon.

Task 1: Create a web based reflective journal

Task 2: Create your own photo sharing account

Task 3: Create an image based speaking activity

Task 4: Create your first blog post with an embeded video

Task 5: Create an image book

Task 6: Creating a video review activity

Task 7: Creating screenshots using Jing

Task 8: Create your own YouTube channel

Task 9: Create a Video Dictation Activity

Task 10: Create a Video Q&A Booth

Please share these with anyone you think may benefit from them.

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